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XTERRA and Triathlon Training Plans


SLM now offers multisport coaching! We will train you in swimming, cycling and running to help make you a well rounded athlete. Want to set a PR at your next local tri, or are your training for an Ironman? Our custom plans will help you reach your goals.

*Tier 2 and 1 Athletes are eligible for multisport skills coaching at a discounted rate of $25/hour. They can also bring friends for an additional $5/hour per person (up to 5 people). 


** Dependent on athlete location. 


Multisport Skills Clinic $50/hr (1 person. Additional $5/person for each additional rider) (Colorado Only)

We offer on-the-bike skills clinics for mountain bikers.

Collegiate Pricing
SLM has special pricing for college riders. Please contact us for details.

Additional Information-
Tier-3 plans are month to month based and can be upgraded at any time if the athlete needs a change. Tier-2 and Tier-1 plans require a three month commitment. Results and improvements take time!


All athletes are different and these plans are guidlines, modifications can be made to meet an athlete's specific needs.

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