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SLM Cross Team

The fall brings the changing of the leaves and the rising up of cross bikes. Yep, cyclocross season is in full swing now and SLM is proud to announce a team for the 2015-2016 season. In the spirt of keeping bike racing as fun and as simple as possible, the entire team will be racing on single speeds. One gear to rule them all; inversely one gear to ruin your day if you choose wrong - so choose wisely my friend.

We are very appreciative of our sponsors for this year and being able to put this together right as the season commenced. If you are in need of a show stopping single speed or fixie, or need the best bike service to keep your steed running through the muddy cross season, we have the place to go. Also, no racer would be complete without a jersey to wear/shirt to wear. Keeping our theme of "everyone can be a racer" and have fun, spending 90 dollars on a jersey did not fit in. Above all our sponsors are super rad people that love bikes, so stop by the shop, check them out online, swing by their booth if they are at your event.

State Bicycle Co.- You will not be able to miss the team with their ever-present statement of style.


Boulder Bicycle Works- Brian and Dave have the experience and knowledge to keep the most decrepit excuse for a two-wheeled device, which appears to be a bicycle, working. This shop is dedicated to service and that is exactly what you get the best of.


Endurance Conspiracy- Hands down the best designed cool bicycle T shirts out there. There is always something new coming from their creative minds.


Be on the lookout for our riders having the most fun at the weekend cross scene and follow them on Instagram.

Adam Looney_ Single Speed @lewndawg

A.J. Baucco- Single Speed @ajbaucco

Andrew Hemesath- Single Speed @mandrewhimistab

Amelia Willits- Racing women 4 on Single Speed

Ryan Petry- Single Speed @rypetry

Nicolas Jimenez- Single Speed @nicolasjjimenez

John Noonan- Single Speed @j_noonz

John Salskov- Single Speed @slmcoaching

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