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College is Over and Summer has started


I started racing with one goal in mind: better bike handling. By the end of just one season of racing, I have far surpassed that goal. I started last fall with the collegiate mountain bike season. I had never seriously ridden a mountain bike before, let alone raced one. To say the least it was a rough and tumble few weekends. But, at the same time, it was the most fun I was having all semester. Soon I realized I wanted to take the riding one step further so I contracted the help of John Salskov at SLM Coaching. Before long I was looking down the barrel of a 24 hour drive to Collegiate Mountain Bike Nationals. After two days of racing harder than ever, I pulled into solid places I hadn’t ever dreamed of.

This amazing mountain season was followed by a successful road season in which I was able to quickly advance through the collegiate Mens C field and cultivate solid results in the collegiate Mens B category. In essence, by the end of the season I had developed into a rider that I had never imagined I could be and I know that this is only beginning.

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