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Vail Camp

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SLM Coaching

Vail Training Camp

By Jake Spelman

To say that my time in Vail, CO helping to put on our event was a remarkable and unforgettable experience would be a miserable understatement. Exploring a never before seen dreamscape such as the mountainous topography of Vail was one of the best times I’ve ever had on a bicycle - period. In addition to sheer beauty and awe striking brilliance of what were the constant surroundings were the individuals I had the pleasure and privilege to enjoy them with. We coaches were able to spend over a week honing our skills and learning valuable lessons that will not only help us to do it bigger and better next year, but will enable us to perform our duties as instructors and coaches at a much higher level.

Between the memories made on the bike, conversations had off the bike, and the outrageously delicious meals prepared by our private chef, it’s a difficult task trying to pin point exactly what the best part of the Vail Training Camp was. I suppose in the end its relative to each of us who were there to experience it. If you ask me, I’d have to say it was getting to wake up every day knowing that our sole purpose as a group was to make our guests more proficient cyclists and stronger athletes in general. I think at the conclusion of it all that we had absolutely achieved that goal, and if you were to ask those who participated I believe they would agree.

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