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Early Season Racing!

How is that winter training coming along? Or should we call it spring training? If you are like us, you are getting antsy and want to test out that fitness with some racing!

Well, there is good news! Early season racing is upon us! We are moving into that grey time of year when training starts to bleed into early racing. Now, rarely do you hear someone talk about how they are gunning for that big win in February, but that doesn't mean this time of year isn't important. The reality of cycling is that the competitive spirit and desire of our inner beast to go fast is almost impossible to keep bottled up. Now is the time to go out and be competitive and put your winter of work on display. Keep it loose and don't worry about the results!

An early training race coupled with a win can build confidence and give you reassurance that you are moving in the right direction. And if things don't go as well as you might like, no worrise! It is only February! There is plenty of time to right the ship.

So for those of you who are racing Valley of The Sun or other early objectives, have fun and race the best you can!

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