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At SLM our coaches work closely with our athletes, both on and off of the bike, to help them get the most out of themselves. We understand that every athlete is different and we get to know you on a personal level. Looking at a host of factors that influence performance, we open new avenues for novice riders and elite athletes alike to improve their performance. 


SLM's coaching staff is comprised of John Salskov, Robert Burnett, and Andrew Hemesath. All coaches have their areas of expertise, and when you work with SLM coaching you work with all of us. 

Andrew Hemesath-Road, Mountain bike


Salskov MTB Colorado Cycling Bicycle Coach SLM

John Salskov - Road, Mountain Bike


John has 16 years of racing experience in elite pelotons. He raced professional Cross Country Mountain Bikes, Professional CycloCross, and spent time in the European Peloton on the road. Recently he has raced endurance events like the Yak Attack, Breck Epic, Whiskey 50, and most recently Mongolia Bike Challenge. Previous to his work at SuperLuminal he  coached athletes at the highest amateur level, including helping one athlete to a top 5 at the U-23 National Championships. 


John is an experienced coach who knows how to get the most out of his athletes and help them compete at an elite level. 

Burnett Coach Cycling Bicycle SLM Michigan
 Robert Burnett-Road, Mountain Bike


As a coach Rob brings over ten years of experience in the sport to the table. Rob is a USA Cycling Certified Coach, Team Director, and an Assistant Coach for the University of Michigan Cycling Team. As a racer, Rob competes as a Cat. 2 on the road and also participates in a variety of MTB events, including adventure events such as the Yak Attack and Mongolia Bike Challenge.


Rob began coaching during his four years as the captain and coach of the Franklin and Marshall College Cycling Team. During those years he coached over 30 athletes, both male and female, helping them reach both personal and team goals. More recently Rob has coached athletes of all ability levels, including State Champion Cyclocross racers in both  Arizona and Colorado. 

Together SLM coaches have a skill set that can improve all types of athletes. Based on an athlete's goals, SLM has a variety of coaching options to meet your needs. SLM has a three-tier coaching structure based on monthly rates and special pricing for collegiate athletes. 
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