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Michigan cycling Coaching SLM

University of Michigan

Cycling Team

Coach Rob is a coach with the University of Michigan Cycling Team. SLM Coaching is proud to be working with one of the best run collegiate cycling teams around. Watch out for these guys and girls this spring in the MWCCC. 

Check out what our athletes have to say: 


Paul, Cat 1 from Boise, Idaho. 


"I approached SLM Coaching after the last race of my 2013 season. I needed a coach that had competed at an elite level and who knew the sport of cycling inside and out. I needed a coach that could marry the physical and psychological aspects of cycling.


I have been working with John since November of 2013, and I feel that I am being over-delivered to as a client. I feel that I am being treated as though I am John’s only athlete. My performance on the bike is starting to scare me because I am reaching new heights that I had never thought of reaching! Furthermore, John not only coaches me on the bike, but off the bike as well. John’s shared wisdom has translated to off the bike success as well. One of my greatest delights in working with John is how encouraging he is!"

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